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o, if you want to be assured of my experience and skills, here’s the quick rundown. Born and raised in Zagreb, Croatia, I loved technology and art which led me to combine the two. I first attended the Graphic School in Zagreb where I became obsessed with photography, and then quickly became a dedicated cameraman.


I started focusing on developing my own artistic style, experimenting and taking pictures of many different kinds of subjects – family, friends, nature, and much more. I very soon discovered that what I wanted to do the most was capture reality in all its magnificence, gravitating towards becoming a documentary style wedding photographer and filmmaker.

I turned this burning passion into a career, helping my clients find those gem-like moments of real emotion and raw authenticity that make the day so memorable. Simply put, I don’t do fake, but rather do everything in my power to give you a series of simply captured but beautifully genuine instances of humanity. This is the biggest gift I could give anyone, and I really want you to experience your special day as it truly was!

As a wedding film maker in Zagreb, I don’t only record weddings but also capture musical festivals with my friend Luka Vukovic in Dalude. I also keep developing my video editing techniques by playing around with image and sound in new and creative ways. Take a look at my work and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you like what you see! If you’re having a destination wedding, I can definitely travel there to capture your special day…


  • I always park at the blue entrance of the Arena shopping center

  • My desktop has only one icon

  • Salty before sweet

  • An avid pizza lover, he can even have pineapple on it

  • favorite part of the day, morning! Early riser

  • I like to travel

  • Technological geek

  • I am amused by a variety of gadgets for one dollar on ebay

  • I am not the type of lying on the beach, before vacationing in the woods and nature

  • I don’t understand the little macchiato in the bigger cup

  • Sarajevo before Banja Luka kebab

  • I love meeting new people

  • You know the one who always falls asleep at the movie, that’s me!

  • Workaholic!

  • In my free time I like to play video games

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