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s a wedding filmmaker in Zagreb, and an artist with a preference for documentary filmmaking, you might be worried that your film will lack the beauty and artistic flair you hope to capture on such a special day. But that’s not the kind of documentary filmmaker I am.

Yes, I focus on capturing reality, but not at the expense of the meaning behind the moment. In everything I capture, I choose the perspective and exact instance that reveals the emotion animating your experience. This requires patience and enormous skill, as I always have to remain on the lookout for exactly when that moment will present itself. But there’s nothing I love more than giving you a recording of the experiences you will carry with you forever. As you will see from my portfolio, I don’t distort reality but actually capture its meaning and magic on film for you to enjoy whenever you want!


Aleksandra | Saša

"We don't know how to thank you for this at all, this is a masterpiece! So wonderful! Now we can officially confirm that you are not only a great person but also a great cameraman! We couldn't have chosen a better cameraman to create a memory for a lifetime!"

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Jelena | Dino

"DEAR DARKO! The whole family is thrilled! So as soon as I got your message I threw away everything I was doing and we went to watch right away.
This is wonderful, I don't know what to tell you, and we cried and laughed, I don't know… We experienced everything again"

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