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Istria wedding of Marijana and Ivan – a story of hope of love

The pandemic has been hard for everyone. We had to remain couped up in our homes, adjust to the new norms of safety and hygiene, and for many of us, the experience of working from home came with a lot of technical challenges. People lost jobs, insecurity increased stress, and we felt hapless. However, every cloud has a silver lining, and the COVID-19 has also shown us how we can find happiness in these trying times. 


Marijana and Ivan – the couple who taught me the power of love and hope

The pandemic brought people like Ivan and Marijana into my life who have taught me the power of love and kindness. They booked me before the COVID created havoc in our lives. We didn’t meet in person but kept in touch through video calls. They always enquired about my wellbeing, and we became good friends.

Their positivity amazed me, and I looked forward to meeting them. Finally, we met on the wedding day, and I shot their Istria wedding film. Let us see a few clicks from that film.

Istria wedding of Marijana and Ivan

I will always remember the wedding of this couple. They were very relaxed, and we had a great time filming the event. Ivan is a nice guy, and he kept on cracking jokes and making everyone laugh. The wedding was an emotional event that touched our hearts.

Marijana and Ivan tied their knot at the St. Pelagio Church at Novigrad.


It is one of the oldest churches in the region and has a unique character that steals the heart. Although a simple structure, the church creates a strong impression with its old-world charm. As you enter the church, you can feel its soul that has so many stories hidden in it.

The couple’s friends and relatives were present at the church to shower them with blessings. I have taken several shots of the couple, smiling and enjoying each moment and making them more special.

The stone walls, arched windows, and the blue sky- don’t they make a great backdrop for romantic shots? That’s the first one for you from the Istria wedding album of Marijana and Ivan.

The play of light and shadow always intrigues me, and I got a chance to capture a close-up shot of Marijana with the lights illuminating her smile.

As you know, I am in love with Croatia. From its cobbled streets to the sun-kissed buildings and the pristine beaches, I adore every bit of Croatia. So, when I saw the couple walking down the street engaged in a deep conversation, I couldn’t resist myself. Their pet dog made the shot livelier.

Wedding reception by the beach

After the wedding, we headed to the beach where the wedding reception was organized. The gorgeous sunset made the evening magical. The newlyweds and their friends had a great time there as you can see their photos.

I took a few shots of the harbor and the sea. Against the crimson sky and the deep sea, we did a session with Ivan and Marijana. They got lost in each other’s eyes, forgetting the world around them. These snaps look romantic and classic.

I must tell you about Erika. Without her, this Istria wedding album would not have happened. She is from Labin and recommended me as the wedding cameraman without knowing me personally. We met at the wedding and worked as photographer and filmmaker together. She is a thorough professional and a nice person to work with. I must say, I have enjoyed working with her.

The pandemic will soon get over, and we would get back to our normal lives. However, I will remember Marijana and Ivan and the time spent with them. I have learned so many things from them and wish them a happy and fulfilling married life ahead.

Marijana / Ivan - Raein film
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Marijana & Ivan

“ Samo jedna riječ – SAVRŠENO! Iznad naših očekivanja,  posao odlično obavljen, nešto nevjerojatno. Kako  kažu; ne žalimo ni za jednom kunom , kapa dolje!!”

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