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I don't have many words to say about these two, I think I said everything in their film. It was an incredible pleasure to work with Magdalena and Tomislav!

The booking process was very unusual, I received an inquiry quite early via e-mail from Magdalena, again a recommendation from my dear colleague Andrea Grzicic, thank you very much Andrea! Also big thanks to my colleague and friend Sreten from Movado films to once again be my wingman on wedding day, while we are filming togother he reads my mind!

Actually a real miracle I would say they hired me to film their wedding, you wonder why? Because I called Magdalena, Manuela, not once but twice, haste often cost me in my life, but this time fate simply did not allow it.

After a couple of e-mails, together with a photographer hired by Josipa Uzelac, we met for a relaxed coffee in the city, where we talked more about their day. After that relaxed meeting, I was even more confident that I wanted to be a part of their story.

As their day approached and as we all know COVID came, I hoped they would not delay the wedding, I wanted them, I wanted them simply!

And with them, love won, despite COVID, they organized a wedding! At the wedding at the Wedding Resort Corberon, there were about 70 guests, who filled the dance floor, which is normally intended for 150 guests.

Dear god,  what rock n roll it was, I enjoyed every moment. The band Retrodukcija was in charge of good rock n roll.

As the day of delivery came, Magdalena and Tomislav gathered together with their loved ones in Amsterdam to watch the film, the first message I received after the film was sent was the following:

My heart was in place, happy to have once again made a lifelong memory of two people in love!

Enjoy their film as I enjoyed it from start to finish, from preparation to late night editing.

cover photo: Josipa Uzelac weddings

Magdalena x Tomislav - Giving my heart
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Magdalena & Tomislav

“DARKO!!! Plakali smo,, smijali se, pa smo opet plakali i tako u krug… Ovo je bolje no što smo mogli zamisliti!!! Dečki kažu da si jači od Guy Ritchie-a !! Nemamo riječi kako bi smo ti zahvalili što si bio  dio naše priče, nadamo se da znaš da ne možeš proći kroz Amsterdam bez da nam se javiš. Hvala ti, a sada ispočetka”

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