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Wedding of Jelena and Ante – the fascinating story of love and hope

Do you know what gives creeps to a wedding photographer? The worry of not being friends with couples. Yes, as a wedding photographer, unless I win the trust and friendship of the to-be-weds, how can I portray their story? They will not open up to me, and the snaps will look so fake. That’s my greatest fear. However, with Jelena and Ante, things were just the opposite! Let me tell you their story.

Ante and Jelena – the couple who kept hope alive

We developed an instant connection in our first meeting. It is rare but feels so good when you know you are on the same page with your client. Ante and Jelena were so cool and sorted. We were pretty excited about the wedding and started planning. Who knew the pandemic would hit like a bolt and upset all our plans? I was rattled by a string of postponements and cancellations, but, Ante and Jelena kept the hope alive. It was a test of their love and patience, and they fared well.

They shifted the date to 30th October and stuck to it, although the pandemic was at its peak in Croatia. We were only 5, which was another striking point about this wedding.

How cool were we about the wedding? Ante had promised to pick me up on the wedding day but got late as Jelena could not find her necklace. You must be smiling, but that’s how we started this fabulous journey.

Zagreb calling – wedding during the pandemic

The first photo of the session will always remain memorable for me. Jelena looked ravishing in her wedding attire, and I couldn’t help but crack a joke. She was prompt with her cheeky reply, which set the ball rolling. The couple was relaxed, and I had nothing to do other than click their photos.

Jelena had chosen a unique off-shoulder wedding dress. The bouquet complemented her attire and we discovered a nice spot to take her solo shots. The rusty gate, fallen leaves, and the greenery made it the best autumnal picture. More couple photos followed that were candid, romantic, and fun to shoot.

Have you ever seen a newlywed couple play basketball? I will show you. Years later, when Jelena and Ante would see these snaps, they will pull each other’s legs, I am sure.

The groom deserved to be clicked alone too. So, when Jelena took a break to change her heels, I captured our handsome groom with the bouquet. He was all smiles for me!

The spirit of Zagreb always mesmerizes me. I got a great opportunity to capture Zagreb with everything that makes it special. When Ante and Jelena were crossing the road, I took a shot that will forever remain with me.

I must tell you about the before-the-ceremony party. Before the church wedding, we went to meet the best man Mateo who was waiting for us with the maid of honor Matea. What a time we had there! We cracked up and had a fantastic party.

I have a neverending affair with Tresnjevka Market and always longed to capture it in my lenses. I got the perfect opportunity with these lovely people to create stories that I know all of you will love to hear.

 I always believe the spontaneous moments create the best shots. It was almost evening, the sky was painted in myriad shades of red, Ante and Jelena got intimate, and their friends started humming a love song. Can you feel the love in the air? I still can. Just look at this mesmerizing shot, another tribute to Zagreb from me.

Long after the pandemic ends and the world gets back on its feet, when I will get busy with wedding shoots and other affairs, in my spare time, I will look back and think about Ante and Jelena. I will thank them for teaching me what really matters in life. And I will tell their story again.


The time has come for which we all gathered together on this day, the wedding ceremony. Jelena and Ante deserved nothing less than one of the largest churches in Zagreb. I have never seen in my life so much joy on the face of a priest when he saw this young couple come to get married no matter what, I was overwhelmed by a special feeling. The ceremony went exactly as I expected, full of love and emotion, more tears were shed than at some weddings with more than three hundred guests.

My engagement was supposed to end after the ceremony but that was out of the question for Jelena and Ante, they insisted that I join them for dinner on the condition that I no longer take photos, as you will see in the gallery, it was tronger than me.

A wedding without throwing a bouquet? Come on, even though Matea had no competition, a smile and joy when grabbing a bouquet is unimaginable!

We laughed and laughed long into the night! Unforgetable experience! Thank you, Jelena and Ante, THANK YOU!!!

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