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am always delighted when I get random referrals here at Emovere Weddings. It means a lot to me that people come across my profile and want their family members others to enjoy my services. It's even more special when it's a recommendation to a family member.

Tamara and Matjaž's wedding was one of these referrals. It was their sister, Gordana, who recommended me to Tamara. Thank you so much, Gordana putting in a good word for me.

I also loved the fact that this wedding was in Slovenia. It's right next to Croatia, and this was my first time handling a wedding there. I am glad I got the chance to be a Slovenia wedding photographer because of this wedding. Here are a few words on how special this wedding was and how the day went.

  • The venue​

Before we get started, you should know that this wedding happened in two parts. The first was a lovely church wedding at a beautiful old church called Novo Mesto Slovenia. It was magical, and the day was beautiful.

The story behind the name Novo Mesto is also quite interesting. It means "New Town," and this tale starts when a Duke named Rudolf founded a new town. He wanted to name it after himself, so he called it "Rudolfwerth." The name did not, however, stick as the people just called it Novo Mesto. Novo Mesto stuck, which speaks to the individuality and creativeness of the people who lived in this location. This old church is also a testament to these lovely values.

After the ceremony, this couple held an open ceremony at a place called "Mlin Žagar." It was a cute ceremony with the lawns looking green and the sun shining down for a perfect ambiance. It gave this celebration a lovely relaxed atmosphere. Everyone had a swell time, and I loved capturing this couple and their loved ones.

  • The Couple

Tamara and Matjaž are a very delightful couple, and I am glad I got a chance to handle their celebration. Their wedding had a modern boho-chic vibe to it, and it was magical. Tamara looked exceptional with a wedding gown that looked out of this world. It highlighted her beauty perfectly, and so did her boho-themed bouquet made of pampas grass and other flowers.

Matjaž also looked exceptional and lovely for this wedding. He had on a light brown suit and a white shirt which also complimented their wedding theme. I enjoyed capturing their beautiful wedding pictures in Slovenia.   

  • How I Did at Tamara and Matjaž Wedding?

As I mentioned earlier, this is my first wedding in Slovenia even though it is right next to Croatia. It was a very emotional ceremony, and I love weddings like these. It's great to see couples and their loved ones who value and appreciate each other. Matjaž, his sister, and their godfather cried. In fact, almost everyone shed some tears at how beautiful and memorable the celebration was.

This couple is especially dear to me, and they will always occupy a special place in my career and heart. They loved me and my work too, and I received a long mail from Tamara. In it, she thanks me, I have attached it, and you can check it out below. Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your special celebration Tamara and Matjaž. I hope I made you proud too, Gordana.

Preserving the special moments at beautiful weddings are my specialty here at Emovere Weddings. So, if you need a Croatia wedding photographer who is passionate, you're in the right place. I am also open to travel and would love to hear from you. Contact me today!

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